My favorite projects are the challenging ones. As a producer with Brandon Li, I learned to travel the world to tell stories about the human experience. Together, our films have been featured on Vimeo Staff Picks, BBC, National Geographic, TIME, TEDx, Smithsonian Institute, Sony Alpha Universe, and Upworthy.

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Today, I'm a freelance commercial director and indie filmmaker. After nearly ten years as a serial traveler, I've cultivated a particular worldview: I seek out stories that reinforce our connection with others. There's a universal desire to consume meaningful content, and I strive to make media that empowers thought leaders and their breakthroughs, or that highlights an important issue that we should all know about.

From passion projects to commercial work, I aspire to capture these profound moments that convey the vision of each brand, company, or client that I work with. My style: working with small, efficient run-and-gun teams to deliver cinematographically stunning work, with a particular focus on ethically responsible production.

Tell me your impossible idea, and together let's make it happen.